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About Us

Committing to friendly environment....

Deek Environmental Energy is one of the leading environmental consultancy firms, specializing in all aspects of environmental waste conversion. We are experts in waste conversion, resource recovery, energy management and technology, climate change, carbon and sustainable development, and our vision of the future is one that is both environmentally sustainable and economically rational.

Providing personalized guidance to government entities of all levels, as well as large and medium-sized corporations. Our goal is to engage in complete collaboration, starting from the initial briefing stage to project development and implementation. We aim to deliver solutions that are precisely customized to meet your specific requirements.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Environmental policy

  • Sustainability planning

  • Waste strategy and policy

  • Carbon policy and economics.

  • Waste management education and public consultation

  • Business improvement

  • Transport collection optimization

  • Technology assessment

  • Waste infrastructure approvals, planning and delivery.


Our Story

At our environmental energy conversion company, we believe in transforming waste into energy for a more sustainable future. Our Waste Conversion service uses cutting-edge technology to convert waste into clean energy, making it a win-win for the environment and your business. Our team is dedicated to providing dynamic living solutions that reduce waste and improve our planet’s health.

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